Paint Enhancement Service


This is the ideal service to rejuvenate the appearance your vehicle. Over time, improper washing and drying techniques cause swirl marks and micro-scratches which dull the true beauty of your finish. This service removes 40-60% of the imperfections to reveal a glossy shine.

  • Two wash bucket technique
  • Removal of bugs and tar
  • Clean door hinges, gas lids, and trunk liner
  • Clay bar paint surface
  • Chemically remove dirt and iron particles
  • Clean rims and dress Tires
  • Clean all windows and mirrors
  • Clean emblem
  • One-step machine polish
  • Apply sealant

  • Coupes/Sedans
  • SUVs/Crossovers
  • XL SUVs/Minivans
  • Trucks
    (and up depending upon size)
All pricing based on condition of paint finish****