Head Light Restoration

Each faded head light professionally restored to its original clarity then sealed and protected from harmful ultra-violet rays.

pricing starts @ $35 per lens

Scratch Removal

The removal of light to medium scratches, Deeper scratches may require touch-up paint which we also do depending on the severity of scratch.

pricing starts @ $50 per panel

No Limit Ceramic Coatings

We offer a range of Ceramic Coatings which serves as an extra layer of protection that chemically bonds to paint clear coat finish and provides a hard durable extra layer of protection from harmful environmental contaminants, UV rays, water spots, etching from bird droppings, and minor scratching (with proper care). It repels dirt, beads water and also delivers a durable SUPERIOR gloss. With proper maintenance (which we provide or instruct you on how to maintain) it can last for years. We provide multiple options to meet your budget.

pricing starts @ $325

No Limit Paint Sealants

Recommend for newer and just polished vehicles to protect the vehicles clean finish from the harsh elements and contaminants, as well as enhance the reflectivity and beauty of your paint finish.

pricing starts @ $125

Touch-Paint Application

OEM color match touch-up for scratches that can't be buffed out or wet sanded. Pricing is based on the severity and or size.

(Free estimates)

Odor Removal

Depending on the source and or severity issue this could be a multi-step process to eliminate source.

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Windshield / Glass Protection

(Coming soon!)

pricing starts at $75